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tv   Fox Morning News  FOX  June 1, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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balloon is selling for. and videos can be shocking but we have one today that can make you smile. a look at one little boy and his new zoo buddy. that's coming up later. >> i saw that yesterday. it is very cute. very, very cute. that's great. mean time, tucker barnes is down in the weather center with more on today's crazy hot weather. tucker? >> yes, crazy and hot. that's the first thing that comes to mind. it is extreme around here once again this afternoon. i would like to get in a balloon and float away because temperatures are back in the 90s. let's get to the numbers. 79 degrees right now at reagan national. these haven't updated yet. i promise it's warmer than that. 80 in baltimore. 77 in ocean city. winchester and hagerstown both 77. so overnight temperatures falling back into the mid-70s. a lot of humidity out there. we have a heat advisory in effect again today from 12:00 p.m. until 8:00 tonight. as we are expecting
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temperatures and the humidity combined to feel like 100-105. so heat advisory again. a lot of water if your working outdoors. there is the possibility of relief later today and the possibility of some strong thunderstorms. not a lot to see on our satellite radar at the moment. but trust me here, out to the west we have a cold front which will makes it presence felt later today. the possibility of scattered thunderstorms back in the forecast today and either way that will start to usher in cooler and drier air tonight. so as we get into tomorrow, less humidity and somewhat cooler temperatures. tomorrow we're still in the upper 80s but i think that will feel better than mid-90s. here is your forecast. sunshine and heat for the first part of the day. cloudiness later today with the scattered afternoon thunderstorms and again some of those could be on the strong side. actual air temperature is 95 degrees. more details on the forecast in just a couple of minutes. tony and allison, back up to you. tucker said it, more extreme heat is expected today and in the district some residents are being forced to
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go without air-conditioning. >> the power is out for about 1500 pepco customers in northeast and northwest d.c. and we have had word of several building closures as well. sarah simmons is live in northeast where crews are working to restore service. sarah, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and tony. as you mentioned, 1500 in the northeast and northwest d.c., we're talking about 2200 customers system-wide without power but the bulk of it is here where they are dealing with an issue they have been working on since yesterday afternoon. now you did mention we do have some building closures. j.o. wilson elementary school is closed. also the d.c. housing authority headquarters as well as the federal energy regulatory commission all closed due to this power outage. and with me now to give us more insight as to exactly what happened to cause this is clay anderson, spokesperson with pepco. give me on idea. have you been able to find the
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source of the problem. describe what caused it? do we know yet? >> yesterday afternoon we found that at about 2:30 that we had a series of problems in our underground fault. overnight we discovered that there was a joint. now the joint connects some of our feeders underground. this is a network area. definition of a network, series of feeders that work in tandem. a lot of large building and customers take up a load. we looked at man holes miles after miles to find the problem and we're looking at the network again to make sure when all of the feeders come back online, that the system is secure and when that load comes back and the demand comes back, it can take the load. >> reporter: you said this was a blown joint. do you know if this is heat- related, is that what caused it to malfunction? >> i would say heat is a
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contributor factor. several days in the 90s and the air-conditioning, the load across the area, i'm sure it did reek some havoc on the system underground, particularly in this area. >> reporter: we have had heat before in the past. is this an issue you're dealing with every year? is this a problem with the blown joints and the heat overloading the system? >> well what it is, it's an isolated incident. because of the temperatures underground, as you noticed, the entire system across pepco has not went out. this particular area at this particular time experienced that piece of equipment that went out. but we're patrolling -- the feeders and make sure they are lined up. >> reporter: thank you. and they are working on it right now but at this point we can't give you a time as to when the power is going to be back on. they're still saying several hours before the power is back on. so a lot of people are suffering through this. it looks like through at least a good part of the afternoon.
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back to you. now with the weather this week, first responders are seeing a high volume of heat- related emergency calls. a representative from the d.c. firefighters association is concerned some firefighters and paramedics are being pressured to ride in trucks that need fixing. the fire chief said the department is coping and his body shop is working 24/7 to stay on top of things. and now to a developing story we've been following all morning. a 12-year-old girl found dead in the basement of a gaithersburg townhouse. it happened last night in the 700 block of raven avenue. police are investigating this as a homicide. fox 5's audrey barnes is live at police headquarters in rockville with more on the story. good morning, audrey? >> reporter: good morning, tony. the townhouse here on raven avenue is encircled with police tape this morning and there is also a patrol car stationed
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behind it and down the side of it while they continue to investigate this. this is all because a 12-year- old girl was found dead in her family's basement on tuesday. the officers were originally dispatched here for a pediatric emergency. they called it a suspicious death and once they got here, that was reclassified and it is now being investigated as a possible homicide. montgomery county police spokesperson captain paul starks told us live at 8:00 this morning that information about the cause and manner of death will have to come from the medical examiner. and he said detectives here on the scene for some 11 hours overnight are meeting again this afternoon to go over any information that they've gathered and decide where they go from here. but right now they are calling this a homicide investigation. the child's body has been taken to the medical examiner for an autopsy. back to you, tony.
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>> audrey, thank you very much. prince george's county police investigating a deadly shooting. this happened behind carrollton elementary school on quintana street in new carrollton. officers found a male victim near the basketball court around 9:00 last night. he later died at a local hospital. at this point police have no motive or suspects. area police are investigating several accidents involving pedestrians in laurel maryland. officials say a 73-year-old man was hit and killed by a car along route 198 last night near the 197 interchange. the driver remained on the scene. no word if any charges will be filed. we do know that victim was about 50 feet from a crosswalk but did not use it. and police are trying to identify the victim of another fatal pedestrian accident, this one in the district. it happened around 10:15 last night in the 2400 block of east capitol street southeast. this driver also stayed on the scene. but again, police are trying to identify the victim.
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and a search is on for a suspect in a hit-and-run accident in montgomery county as well. police say a driver hit a pedestrian around 9:45 last night near the intersection of bona fant road and new hampshire avenue in colesville. at last word the victim was in critical condition. there is no description of the car involved. federal regulators have shut down the sky express tour bus company following a deadly accident on i-95 in virginia. >> a tour bus overturned just north of kings dominion early yesterday morning, shutting down northbound 95 for hours. four women were killed and more than 50 other people injured. virginia state police arrested the bus driver, 37-year-old ken yu cheng. police say fatigue was a contributing factor to the crash. the ntsb said driver fatigue is a leading cause of fatal bus crashes in this country. the sky express bus was on an overnight trip from north carolina to new york city, we'll probably spend time at
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the offices of the motor carrier and looking at maintenance records, trying to understand exactly what the history of this bus was as well as the kind of corporate culture, corporate safety culture that may or may not be part of the bus company operation. >> and the ntsb has never required a law for seat belts. only the driver was strapped in and he walked away with minor injuries. in a statement to fox 5 news an attorney said for sky express, this is the first incident involving any of our buses and the bus driver has never before been involved in an accident. the company goes on to say it is trying to coordinate a response from authorities to provide information from questions from passengers and families in a timely manner. the federal agency that monitors bus companies say the company have amassed 14 driving
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violations in the last two years. and a passenger was also arrested. virginia police say that paffy ano conner was standing on the interstate after the crash and taking pictures of the scene. there was concern this would cause another crash. and conner allegedly refused to move ever being asked to do so. he's charged with obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. and another story we're following this morning after 30 years of taking astronauts into space, the end is near for the shuttle program. this morning's landing of endevour was flawless. this brings the second to last shuttle mission to a close. it was a bittersweet ending for the crew. this was the final journey for endevour, completing it's 25th space mission. and endeavor landed as atlantis
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continued it's 7-hour rollout for a launch next month. and a fistfight broke out on board of a united flight on sunday night just after taking off from dulles bound for guana. it happened after one passenger put his seat back and the passenger behind him didn't like it. the pilot decided to go back to dulles instead of continuing to africa. >> united 990, supervisor said do you have the passenger secured? >> negative. the passenger is not securitied but he has settled down and an assault has taken place but at this time is not secureid. >> f-16 fighter jets accompanied the flight back to dulles. they met the flight at the gate but no one was charged. hurricane season starts today and the key to surviving is to be prepared. >> and that goes for small businesses as well. why fema is launching a program that targets small businesses
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to make sure they can weather the stormabout that in a few moments. stay with us. it's 11 minutes after 9:00. we'll be right back.  these sweet honey clustery things have fiber?
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we're back now with an update on the efforts to rebuild in joplin, missouri. governor jane nixon will announce details on a program today offering temporary jobs for residents left unemployed by the devastating tornado. more than 400 people are reportedly impacted. the temporary jobs will involve clean-up and aid. this june 1st the beginning of hurricane season. the storms can be devastating. pardon me. but it may be possible to lessen the impact if you prepare well ahead of time. that's specially important for small businesses, many of which never get back on their feet after being knocked down by natural disasters. the ready business campaign encourages individuals and businesses to take just a little bit of time to develop a
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disaster plan. my apologies. can i get some water, please? here to explain is tim manning, deputy administrator of the federal emergency management association. thank you for coming in. sorry about that, sir. with this being june 1st, the beginning of hurricane season, this spring we've seen tornadoes, floods, we go into a busy hurricane season. this is a big concern for fema and for the american public. >> it absolutely is. we've had just tragedy after tragedy across this spring. earthquakes around the world, tornadoes throughout the u.s. and as we open hurricane season we even have a hurricane low off of florida today, on the first day of hurricane season. it's important to take time to be prepared today. we're launching or >> i was astonished when i
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heard. the percentage of businesses that never recover or reopen after a natural disaster. >> that's right. half of all american workers work for small business and 40% never recover from a disaster. that's a significant amount of the american public. >> 40%? so you're saying when we have one of these issues, a tornado comes through, the businesses are destroyed or largely damaged, they just never come back? >> they just never come back. 40% of small businesses do not recover from disasters. >> so the message that you are imparting is that this number can be reduced significantly if a business prepares? >> that number can be reduced significantly with preparedness. simple things that a business can do. like understanding the risk that they are faced with in their community, putting a plan together for if a disruption happens, getting employees prepared, a company can't come back if the people can't come
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back to work. so individual preparedness of a company's employee is anything they can do for thur supply chain or business directly. >> and you have a slideshow where people can get information about this and they can kind of go through the process of finding out what to do. i have a copy of the proposed business emergency plan, what businesses can do. and i was looking through this. you fill out a lot of information here. but just going through this plan will -- it seems like it will encourage the business owners to think through what they need to do if this happens or if that happens. >> that's absolutely right. you go to and there are tools to put plan news place. and most importantly, think through the things they might need if they have a disruption from a disaster and it can be the tornadoes we've seen across the country or the flooding or a hurricane. but it can be something as
9:19 am
simple as a small neighborhood- sized disaster or even a fire in their business. understand insurance needs, understand the things they need to be able to come back quickly, get their employees back to work and have that business thrive and support the community. >> and we're showing some of the things that you all suggest here. obviously insurance is one of the first things you think of. but you also talk about figuring out where you'll get the things that you need to continue doing your business after the fact, coordinating with neighborhood businesses and that type of thing as well. >> absolutely. it's most important to get employees back to work and reopen your store or your business. but if you can't operate, you can't continue to function. so pre-plan with your neighbors and maybe you are competitors and come together and ride out the disaster and continue to support that community. because recovery in a community
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means a thriving economy in that community which means strong small business. >> very good. what is the website? >> the tools are there. take the opportunity today to get prepared because you never know when the next disaster may be. >> and this form is helpful because it forces you to think about these things. mr. manning, thank you very much for coming in. in japan's nuclear disaster sh the u.n. nuclear watch dog said officials underestimated the possibility that a tsunami could hit the fukushima nuclear plant and it's calling for more preparation for japan's nuclear facilities. but the iaea, they also praise the company's overall response to the crisis as exemplary. and also the crisis is affecting politics there. today's preliminary report comes as heavy oil is leaking radiation into the pacific ocean. to the middle east now.
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the middle eastern country of yemen continues to slide into civil war. another 41 people died in street battles that raged all night long and wilts are reporting the shelling of government buildings. experts predict that the president will be thrown out, something that worries u.s. policy makers because he has been a strong u.s. ally in the fight against al-qaeda. well he is not running, she is still testing the waters. so what brought sarah palin and donald trump together? well, dinner of course. and holly is hitting the rail this is morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. if your going to hit the rails no better place to do it than in manassas where we are live and they are celebrating their railway history as they gear up for the annual manassas heritage railway festival going on this weekend. coming up, we're talking all about the importance of this history and how you can come down and get on board yourself. it's all live later. stay with us.
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well their big into politics and reality tv and they both enjoy a slice of pizza as well. sarah palin and donald trump met up to share a bite in new york city. it capped the third day of her bus trip to the east coast. the donald recently announced he will not run for president, sarah palin is considering joining the field of republican candidates and will decide within a few weeks. we have already had some republicans bow out of possible campaigns for the white house. haley barbour, mike huckabee, mitch daniels but tomorrow many are expecting mitt romney to announce he will make a run. he is seen as the front-runner. tea party's michelle bachmann is expected to make an announcement sometime this month as to whether she'll join the race. and up on capitol hill last night, lawmakers in the house rejected a white house proposal to increase the debt limit.
9:26 am
the vote was 97-318 and as expected not a single republican voted for the measure because it doesn't have any spending cuts. most democrats voted against it but democratic leaders criticize republicans for playing political games. many of those house republicans who voted against the debt limit increase are having breakfast with the president at the white house this morning. they are demanding trillions in spending cuts as the price for raising the government's credit limit. well who could forget balloon boy and all of the drama after the balloon boy incident? well now you can own a piece of the pop culture history, what you can get and how much it's going to cost you. that's next. and we'll tell you about this very cute video. it's the latest clip that has gone viral and it will make you smile. we'll be back. it's 9:26.
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[ music ] i haven't heard this in a long time. >> who is it? >> the rembrandts. >> this young guy is making friends with an otter. who is leading who. i think the boy is leading the otter. they are having a good time. everyone there is laughing about it. this you tube clip has been viewed over 1.7 million times. i saw it for the first time yesterday myself and watched it twice. >> it is really cute. >> it's very cute. and i have to assume the otter, maybe the red shirt catches his eye or something. because he doesn't really respond to people doing whatever they are doing. >> right. that is really cute. >> well he's a baby otter, right? [ sneeze ] >> excuse me. something is going on in the studio. i couldn't breathe ten minutes ago. i'm sorry. pardon me, i'm sorry. if you have to sneeze -- >> i have another question.
9:31 am
has that ever happened to you before? >> yeah, here on this show. >> right while he's doing the weather. >> i didn't mean to laugh so loudly. that was hilarious. i think that should go viral. i'm going to put it on you tube. check it out later. have i to do the weather because we have to get to tmz. we have a lot to talk about. this is a scorcher. are you all right? you need some of my water here? >> there is something in the air. >> the pollen grass is high today. >> it's the grass in the studio. >> another heat advisory. 12:00 to 8:00 tonight as our heat and humidity is 100-105, just like yesterday. i think air temperature will be cooler. we'll have a few more clouds and not off to the start we were yesterday. and that being said, it will not be a comfortable day as the temperatures back into the 90s. 80 right now in the city at
9:32 am
reagan national. 82 at gaithersburg. 88 in frederick. 88 degrees in frederick. and 82 in fredericksberg. annapolis is 82. and in leonardtown, we're 81 degrees. all right, let's take a look at our surface map and finally we have something on the map to show you. the last couple of days has just been high pressure but one more day with temperatures on the seemly side in the 90s with heat and humidity. but a cold front will bring sweet relief around here starting late this afternoon and tonight. and this is our only good chance for or possible chance for showers and thunderstorms for the next several days. so this quiet weather pattern as far as rain is concerned continues. but at least we have the possibility of some scattered showers and thunderstorms later today. some of those could be on the strong side so be ready for that after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon and then as the front gets south and east of us, tomorrow it's still going to be on the warm side, upper 80s but with less humidity and plenty of sunshine. i think tomorrow will start to feel better. so this should be the and of
9:33 am
the heat wave later this afternoon. sunshine, scattered afternoon thunderstorms in the forecast, and some could be strong. 95 the daytime high. there is your heat advisory in effect at 12:00 noon. and the winds will shift out of the north and west and allow the slightly cooler air to get in here tonight. early storms and partly cloudy and cooler overnight. 68 the overnight low. we haven't done 60s in a couple of days in the city. nicer tomorrow and 88 with less humidity. friday 85. that should feel nice and then the weekend has sunshine with highs in upper 80s to 90. hard to believe our average daytime high is only 80 degrees and it should get better from here. >> thanks, tucker. looking forward to a little bit of relief. well now photos from an accident that sent singer shawn kingston to the hospital. >> and remember balloon boy? who could forget. now you can own a piece of the madness. tmz's dax holt joins us live from l.a. with details. i can't wait to find out more
9:34 am
about balloon boy. >> should we start with that? what's up with the balloon boy memorabilia. >> it's his date who is one of the most hated men in america. he is selling off the famous balloon that obviously made world news that day. and for quite sometime after wards. he's saying that he wants to raise money for tsunami relief in japan. >> sure he does. >> and so he is auctioning. but you have the option to buy now for a million dollars. he wants to raise a million dollars, which by all means, more power to him if he can raise a million dollars for tsunami relief, i'm not sure who wants to pay a million dollars for the balloon. >> there is no indication he'll get that kind of money for it? >> there is no indication of that right now. >> more power to him. and shawn kingston, you have photos of the accident scene? >> we got photos of the jet ski he was riding that day. the after math and you see the
9:35 am
jet ski locked up, but it's missing a handle barment and we talked to cassandra sanchez, the girl riding on the back, very good friends with shawn kingston and said the day he was going fast and going about under the bridge and she was screaming stop and at the last minute he had a change of mind and tried to turn and lost control and so we don't know know if it hit the bridge or if he ripped off the handlebar trying to turn hard. so he is still in the hospital and has a tube down his throat. he is conscious and knows what is going on. but this girl is saying she will not be pressing any charges. they are very good friends and she knows he didn't mean to do it and she'll go visit him soon. >> could have been so much worse. and we're happy he's expected to recover. and i used to love the show save bid the bell but i didn't know unone of the leads -- one of the leads is married. >> reporter: paul, zack morris
9:36 am
is back on the market. he got married in 1996 and he and his wife were together and then filed for divorce a couple of months back and now it's been ganted from the judge. they had to take some time, figure out spousal support, child support, dividing up the assets, but there you go. if you would like to date zack morris, he's back on the market. >> he's not out parties with screech? he's not running in the roadways with screech again, is he? >> no. >> screech, what a wild one he turned out to be. thanks, dax. >> bye. >> who would think that screech would be the wild one. >> he was the most likeable one during the show. any way, you can catch dax and the whole crew right here on fox 5 after the news edge at 6:00. d.c. officials make a decision about a mckinley tech high school principal accused of grade doctoring. what they have decided is
9:37 am
coming up next. and plus controversy swerving around a new york congress and uninappropriate picture sent from his twitter account. he said his account was hacked. why some say that may not be the case. [ music ] first are you missing american idol? well you can have a piece of judge steven tyler. well kind of. his new autobiography called does the noise in my head bother you, we're giving away nine copies. just answer this trivia question. walk this way was inspired by what movie? to enter, go to the contest page on our website at you have until 10:00 this morning to and the question, 23 more minutes. nine winners will be selected at random from the correct entries. one will receive a grand prize
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of a signed copy of the book. the other eight will receive unsigned copies. you have to be 18 and a legal resident of d.c., maryland or virginia to enter. get to it. we'll be right back. 
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new this morning, d.c. officials clear the principal at mckinley tech. david pinder was accused of changing 13 senior transcripts to give students credit for courses they didn't take. but an investigation did not find anything to substantiate he should be removed from his position. former d.c. mayoral candidate sulaiman brown will testify in front of a council committee on monday to answer ongoing questions about the mayor's hiring practices. its d.c. superior judge ordered him to testify. brown has accused the mayor and
9:42 am
two other campaign workers of giving him cash and a job in exchange for verbal attacks on adrian fenty. brown has been careful not to talk about what he has said to federal authorities as part of the investigation. d.c. city hall is expected to be the site of a big protest tonight over redistricting. critics say the population in the district is not balanced after the recent census and some neighborhoods will be forced into new wards. ward 6 and 7 likely seeing the most change. by law officials have to balance the population evenly among wards. but many residents are upset about the impact it could have on things like schools and parking permits. some voice concerns at community meetings last night and we're hearing more than 100 people have signed up to speak tonight at the wilson building into and d.c. city council is hoping a public hearing on problems with the d.c. breathalyzer test. officials claim incorrectly calibrated blood alcohol machines are threatening hundreds of drunk driving convictions.
9:43 am
police are now relying on urine tests in drunk driving cases. council member phil mendelson has asked for a progress report. the uada food pyramid has undergone changes but now the pyramid is out. what could replace it next? >> and if you enjoy trains, there is an event you don't want to miss this weekend and holly morris is live with the details next. we are back in just a moment. it is 9:43. of
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it's like a .
9:46 am
a new york congressman think a favorite for new york city mayor gets angry as he faces questions about lewd photos sent to a young woman from his twitter account. >> anthony wiener said someone hacked his account but he's hired an attorney. instead of asking lawmaker to investigate it as a crime.
9:47 am
linda schmidt has more on what some are calling wiener-gate. >> this is now day three. you have statements that my offices put out. >> but they don't answer the questions. >> there are statements put out. >> reporter: congressman anthony wiener is annoyed while being questioned what he said is the hacking of his twitter account. the congressman claims that someone posted a close-up lewd picture of a man wearing underwear on his account and then september the picture to' female college student in seattle. while the woman has told reporters that the congressman followed her on twitter but when asked today why he followed her, this is all he had to say. >> i am not going to permit myself to be distracted by this issue any longer. >> are you saying no to the question? >> you are very good. why don't you let me do the answers and you do the question. >> as soon as you answer the question asked to you, we will. >> reporter: the congressman was asked if he sent the picture and if not he would be the victim of a crime. so why didn't he ask police to
9:48 am
investigate instead of getting a lawyer. congressman wiener refused to answer. >> do you want to do the briefing? do you want to do the briefing sir? >> you sent from your twitter account, lewd photographs were sent to a college student. >> answer the question, was it from you or not? >> sir, permit me -- do you want me to finish my answer in. >> reporter: reporters repeated the same questions numerous times. congressman who represents parts of queens did not answer. and eventually he got agitated. >> you do the questions and i do the answers and this guy interrupts me. >> reporter: in the meantime, the female college student believes that wiener's twitter account was hacked and she is angry about it. she also addressed rumors about her on her twitter account today saying, quote, even more ridiculous than the idea that i was having an affair with a.w. is the theory that i help set him up.
9:49 am
who comes up with this. the congressman said he talked about the hacking incident enough and is now focusing on his work. >> you are doing your job, i understand. do it, but you'll have to do it without me. >> that was fox's linda schmidt reporting. according to politico it was noticed by dan wolf who were a group of organizers upset that wiener interacted with young women on twitter. and we are learning more about the power outage in d.c. the d.c. department of education and d.c. public schools offices on first street are now closed. >> also closed is d.c. community college and housing authority on north capitol street, the mental health clinic at 35 k street northeast also closed and we'll post all of these and owners on our website, check there before you head downtown. the u.s. d.a. is set to release a new and easier to understand nutrition
9:50 am
graphic that will replace the long-standing food pyramid icon. the new one resembles a plate and should better represent the 2010 dietary guidelines for americans. it focuses on balancing calories with physical activity and encourages americans to consume veggies, fruits, whole grains and low fat dairy products and seafood. >> how many times have they dealt with this pyramid. it was the same for 20 years and now they are messing with it. >> now it's on a plate. >> so all things in moderation. >> you know what to eat. suppose the government put that up. you know what to eat. if you are looking for something to do this weekend, holly morris has the activity for you. >> i like it. holly morris is in old town manassas this morning where the manassas heritage railway festival is going on this saturday. holly? >> reporter: well you can't have a train festival and not have the opportunity to hop on a train and take a ride. and they have that too going on
9:51 am
this weekend. you can get on the vre and take a trip to clifton, virginia. and then come back here to the historic depot where we have moved to, to learn more about the history before you go outside. lisa is a historic interpreter and you're going to explain why they're having this big celebration come on saturday. >> well as i tell school groups that come through, the reason for manassas being a town and the reason for the civil war, the answer is usually the railroad. so if i ask you a question, the answer is the railroad. >> reporter: got it. >> so here we are at the historic manassas railroad depot. this is the 5th depot in manassas history. the third one on this site. and it was built in 1914 on the foundation of a depot that was burned to the ground in about 1912. >> reporter: and each room has a history associated with it so you'll take us through and tell
9:52 am
us what we're looking at. >> right. here in the waiting room and it's still very much a working depot, we have passengers waiting here for the amtrak train and our commuter traffic in the morning. >> reporter: this man is waiting for his wife, not a train. that's very funny. >> we still have people coming through and using this waiting room. originally when the depot was built in 1914, this would have been a segregated depot. so the southern railway would have had regulations and the state would have had regulations about separating, separate but equal. so this would have been the white waiting room. passengers here would have bought their tickets through this window and they would have bought them from the ticket agent in the middle. >> reporter: well let's go in the middle there. and let's go into the area where the ticket agent would be. and as we come through here, you have done a nice job as created this museum-like atmosphere as they wait for their train or their wife.
9:53 am
>> reporter: this is its station manager's office. and this is his desk. and this is the ticket agent area. here at the desk, before the day of computers and lots of signals, electronic signals, we would have leaned over in his chair and looked both ways down the track to see if the train was coming and without electronic signals he would have had to pull these levers and bring down this arm and that would tell the trains whether to slow down or what was going on on the tracks. another way he had to communicate would have been with telegraph. and we have a little telegraph machine here and this would have make the click clack sound that we often here in old movies when people are using it, a telegraph. >> reporter: and this is a television? >> it is a telephone, you can
9:54 am
try to make a call. >> reporter: it's a lot different than the cell phones we're use the to today. very cool. we only have about a minute so i want to get through and i know we can't touch on everything but that will encourage everyone to come out and learn more. so into here, what is this? >> this is the colored or the african-american waiting room and these passengers on this side would have bought their tickets through the window here from the ticket agent. and right now it's the headquarters for the visitors center for manassas. and also some officers for historic manassas where the baggage room would have been through there. >> reporter: and not only can people come and take a tour and then hop on the train to take a quick jaunt, but you'll have living history. >> we'll have civil war reenactors and settlers and hands-on things for the kids and families. so it will be a -- chalked full of games for all ages and displays. >> reporter: are you trying to tell me there is a civil war
9:55 am
celebrations going on here. >> it's something coming up in july. >> reporter: it's something everybody is excited about. and come out this weekend for the heritage railway festival. it's a big deal and they expect a lot of people to come out. is our website. we have a link to theirs. it is from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on saturday and it is absolutely free. so i should say get your tickets now but you don't need a ticket, just come on down to old town manassas. allison? >> i love trains. holly sold that. i want to go. the latest on our chance of thunderstorms after the break. tucker will have that. 9:55 now. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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9:59 am
from ocean city, maryland. folk there's pretty happy about the past holiday weekend. because of a record number of visitors that came to the shore. ocean city officials estimate 281,895 visitors came to their town. >> that's great. >> that's what they estimate. that's the biggest crowd since 1993. how do they figure out that number? they take the total gallons of wastewater through the sewer system and diveid it by the average -- divide is by the average number people use a day. and it comes down to toilet flushes. that's not a bad way to do it. and one eastern shore visitors had a vacation cut short. >> sheriff's deputies were called to the traveler's motel because of a man in one room who was yelling on the phone and talking quite loudly about having an open warrant for his arrest. and that warrant


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